Imagery in SL

I struggled for a long time to visualise imagery for the installation I'm building. I finally came up with an idea to convey how the hologram is being "edited". I came up with the idea of a kind of reference grid that overlays or even slices through the image and I added a cursor. This allied with a fade effect on the subject hopefully makes it clearer what the ad is for. See below:

Building virtual holograms

Following on from my experiments with importing textures I have had some success with partial transparency which you should be able to see in the snapshots below. I also tried animating the title which seems to have worked pretty well. It was handy that i found a revolve script in the library of my inventory although I would have been able to find it in the LSL resources provided by Linden Labs (who own and run SL). I still had to figure out how to make it run the right way, in the right axis and at the right speed. It helped a lot to find out that if you mouse-over the parts of the script in the editor it gives you loads of info about what variables you need in what part of the instruction (very useful!) Hope that makes sense!

You Lookin at Me?

On Friday we took some photos with 80mm cameras using tungsten lighting to see what effects we could achieve with our own lighting and scenery. We then developed the film in the processing labs ourselves. It was a lot of fun watching the photos we'd taken materialise before our eyes! Kewl! This is a shot of me that I thought might look good for a film noir poster or something. It's got a realy short depth of field unfortunately, so it isn't ideal but I like the mood...