"Drawing is an attitude..."

Starting from Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC I've explored the process of illustration in different media. Along the way I've discovered the masterpiece that is Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, whole new subgenres of feature films, artists that inspire and new ways of approaching the creative process. I didn't expect to learn any of this and I'm left with the desire to teach myself the skills I wanted without worrying whether I attain a certain expertise but knowing that I will learn something useful whatever happens. I now know that I can give myself permission to do things my way or even no particular way and the result will always be positive. It's difficult to be certain where the new world of technology is leading us as designers and as a culture, but finding my own path seems less daunting now. Having unlimited choices can be scary but by learning to trust my instincts I am confident that I will be able to take full advantage of the many opportunities that digital media present.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    drawing is all about expressive a feeling or a brief you have been given the best advice i would give is to loosen up and feel free to do things which are out of the box, the more one experiments with different mediums be it pen an ink or digital remastering the final image it is still all art, the boundaries have been merged together so as up and coming designers our job is increasingly getting harder yet easier to manipulate the overall feel we are wanting. Have you ever tried drawing blind folded? its a great way to express and loosen up before a piece a work.

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