Editing photos


This is the result of slaving over a hot GIMP for an hour. I took some shots of Blanche when I interviewed her and the result was less than brilliant because I failed to factor in the light from the window. Even though it was getting dark at the time the camera metered for the scene outside and my subject ended up underexposed with the white balance set for daylight. The tungsten lights in the bar gave B a reddish cast. I tried to sort this out in GIMP giving me the BEFORE image above. Still a bit of a funny colour I tried some test printing and the faults glared out at me!
However, a bit more work in GIMP and the cast appears to have gone, with a bit of dodge to bring out B's eyes and face. Still think the shot looks a bit grainy but I doubt I can solve this as the original shot must have been noisy. As they say, "garbage in, garbage out".
I chose to use this shot because the expression looks smiley without being scary and there's relatively little motion blur compared to the alternatives.


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